There are times when our knowledge and experience are all you need. 

Our consultants have at least 10 years of experience in training and development. We can help you with any step of the process, from assessments to evaluation. Consulting projects are clearly quoted to make planning and budgeting simple. 

build a Leadership framework

You deliver compliance training, send the occasional manager to a seminar, or host a team building retreat. You may even have a few different leadership courses. But are you creating a consistent, clear leadership framework that connects people to your culture and strategic imperatives?

We will examine your existing programs and work with you to create a sustainable, logical leadership development pathway from new hire to the executive suite. 

build a mentor program

A strong mentoring program can have significant positive impact on retention and engagement.

Our experienced consultants can help you plan for:

  • Pairing of mentors and mentees
  • Training for mentors
  • Design of a mentoring curriculum
  • Program timing
  • Evaluation and feedback

conduct a training audit

Let our experts give you an outside perspective on your current training and development initiatives.

We can review an entire program from start to finish, or dive deep into a specific element to help you improve outcomes. 

  • Needs assessment conversations
  • Training design
  • Instructor evaluation
  • Assessment & transfer of learning