Clearly defined roles and expectations, strong lines of communication, and trust-based relationships make a team strong.

We help you build high performing teams.

We have three team-building options from which to choose:


Our premiere team building solution is called LeaderQuest. This custom built team adventure sets the bar when it comes to quality team building. It requires planning, communication, trust, creativity and enthusiasm from all members of the team in order to complete the challenges we design specifically for you. 


Want to add a team-building component to a an existing event? Let our facilitators lead a team simulator.

  • Leadership Inc. – This fast paced simulator challenges teams to produce a new product despite a variety of barriers.  People often comment how closely this simulator reflects their “real world” environment.
  • Grid Walk – Teams work to find a hidden path on the grid. This simulator gets an emotional response from the team and our trained facilitators will build on that response to create a more cohesive team. 
  • Community Build – See what happens when teams strive to build a utopian community. Lines are drawn, resources are scarce, and the government is watching. The focus is on community building and synergy. 

Low-Ropes Adventure Course

Ropes courses have been used for team-building for decades but they often require travel and tend to focus on individual growth rather than the team. Our approach is different.

We bring the low-ropes course elements to you and design a program that fits your timeline and team. No zip-lines and no embarrassing harnesses required! You can provide this experience for large or small groups, indoors or out. This is a great way to kick off or end a retreat or conference.

Work closely with a facilitator who will help transfer critical leadership skills to the workplace such as challenge management, trust, risk taking, and more.