A Closer Look into a FOCUS Training Talent Summit

On July 13th, FOCUS Training held their latest Talent Summit hosted at and presented by GMR Marketing on the topic, "Talent Elevated: Getting a Seat at the Table." Talent and HR professionals from around the area joined to hear Janine Pulvermacher and Dana Ernst share their experience with a challenge that many in the HR and Talent world face - making the talent review process more efficient and effective. 

From the comfortably cool space of their Barcade, Janine and Dana described the culture developed within GMR. When the organization and individuals are so heavily focused on large projects such as the Super Bowl or the Olympics, how can leaders remember the individual contributions their employees made during those events when their annual review might not happen for another two, five or even ten months? Instead, a flip on the model was proposed to give leaders the ability to provide more real-time rewards and incentives for the amazing work their teams were doing. 

GMR focuses on "progress, not perfection," and embraces microcultures within teams to make the process fit for them. By providing more scheduled, real-time feedback through one-on-ones with employees and leaders, they keep teams on track and individuals engaged.

Watch the video above to learn more about what takes place during a FOCUS Talent Summit!

Are you doing something interesting within HR or Talent in your organization? Do you have a problem/project you're working on and want to lead a discussion for intelligent, experienced individuals to chime in on? Be the guest presenter at an upcoming summit! 

Not interested in presenting but have a great space you want to show off? Be a host! 

Will you join us for our next Talent Summit on Friday, September 14? Consultant Meg Daly will present on, "Authentic Leadership Super Powers: Practical Solutions to move from Managing to Leading." We hope to see you there!Be sure to register for the event here

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