We care about the business results you need to achieve in your unique environment. We build programs that create measurable change, so you can make the business case crystal clear. We take time to understand your culture and industry so training feels internal and custom.

“She understood our culture so well, most participants thought she worked here.” - HR Director, Milwaukee Tool


As trainers, we care about transfer – creating behavior change on the job. We apply best practices and established frameworks of Learning & Development to ensure that the knowledge and skills we teach are retained and applied beyond the classroom.

“Amazed at his ability to get our group talking and sharing ideas. We actually walked away with a plan!” - COO, VCPI


As speakers, we care about engaging participants in the process of learning. Our deep understanding of Adult Learning Theory and experiential learning methods drives our commitment to enjoyable, interactive programming.

“This wasn’t just another ‘info dump’. Better than any professional development I’ve ever experienced.” - AI Participant, Kohl's



Over the last 25 years, we have curated an impressive team of talented facilitators, leadership development experts, and instructional designers. Each of our trainers has 10-25 years of professional training experience from a wide range of industries, allowing them to share relevant examples and stories that make leadership concepts real for learners.

Most importantly, our trainers are “real”. Because we employ a team of uniquely genuine facilitators, your training experience will never feel scripted, canned, or off-the-shelf.

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