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We take pride in showcasing the measurable success and growth achieved through our Institute programs. Our data, collected through pre- and post-assessments by participants and their direct supervisors, underscores our commitment to driving positive change. With a focus on skill development, career enhancement, and talent retention, our curriculum equips participants with practical tools and frameworks for immediate application.

With a track record spanning over a decade, we continue to empower organizations to retain top talent, elevate careers, and enhance overall performance. Our results truly speak for themselves.

We gauge the impact of our programs by assessing learning outcomes including knowledge checks and pre/post evaluations, ensuring that learners are actively engaged and receiving substantial value for their investment. The results consistently reveal statistically significant enhancements across all competencies, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach in driving measurable progress.

Customized Leadership Workshops

Whether it's a comprehensive full-day program or a focused single module, our expertise lies in crafting and delivering tailored training.

Case Study Scenarios

A rapidly growing technology company engaged us to support their culture transformation effort. They leveraged customized internal cohorts to develop the skills of rising people leaders, establish a common language of leadership, and build a strong internal network of culture champions. Four years later, the CEO described working with FOCUS as a true partnership and one where they felt and continue to feel that we are part of the fabric of their organization.
A business line leader in a mid-size manufacturing firm was looking for alternatives to the limited internal options for leadership development at the company. They discovered our Institutes and the experience was so powerful that they immediately registered members of their team and invited HR leaders to join. Two years later, the business had adopted the Institutes as their standard for leader development, leveraging our Elite Talent Partner program to build their leader pipeline simply and efficiently.
A partner in healthcare used our leadership development cohorts to upskill team leaders as part of a strategic initiative to reduce unexpected front-line turnover which was costing the enterprise over $10 million annually. To date, we have worked alongside more than 300 leaders in the organization. More than a simple leadership class, participants report feeling like they have become connected to a community of internal leaders wherein they can share ideas and find additional support.

We believe leadership matters

FOCUS Training is an interactive leadership development company that has been helping people achieve excellence through understanding and action since 1992.

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