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Growing Leaders, Careers, and Organizations since 1992.

FOCUS Training is a leadership development firm that builds and delivers on-site and virtual training programs across industries. We work with organizations to customize programs that: drive engagement, retain talent, improve performance, and strengthen culture. For more than 30 years, we have worked with organizations and leaders to achieve excellence through understanding and action. We are proudly based in Milwaukee, WI and partner with organizations across North America.

Our Mission

FOCUS Training is a learning and development company focused on equipping people, teams and organizations with the knowledge and leadership skills they need to grow.

Our Values

Our approach is centered on becoming an integral part of our clients' teams, where we prioritize innovation to assist our partners in reaching their strategic objectives. We place a strong emphasis on active listening, striving to truly understand our clients' needs. Additionally, we are committed to ongoing improvement and are always working towards enhancing our services.
In our collaborative environment, we foster trust among our teammates, encourage accountability, and provide support to one another. We also cultivate safe spaces where both ourselves and others can openly express vulnerability. Our approach to engaging learners is built on utilizing experiential techniques, and we infuse learning environments with energy and enthusiasm.
We are driven by the belief in equal access to our resources and opportunities. Diversity is central to enriching the learning experience through varied perspectives and new ideas. We actively work on addressing biases and promoting authenticity within our workplace.

We believe leadership matters

FOCUS Training is an interactive leadership development company that has been helping people achieve excellence through understanding and action since 1992.

531 S Water St,
Milwaukee, WI 53204