Elite Talent Partners

Our Elite Talent Partners (ETP) understand how crucial it is to build their bench of future leaders. Through our leadership programs, Accelerate Institute™ and Elevate Institute™, organizations nurture the skills and careers of both new and seasoned leaders. We help create a shared language of leadership and establish a robust internal network for collaboration. ETP provides a reliable leadership pipeline without the hassle of creating and managing internal development programs. Plus, it offers flexibility – whether you have a few learners or are rapidly expanding, we've got your seats covered.

Elite Talent Partner Program Benefits

Participant Support

Receive support from our team to help identify candidates for development, build internal resources to boost retention of learning, and maximize the return on their training investment ETP partners also gain access to a self-assessment tool for potential participants to better understand their Institute best fit.

Consultative Support
Participant Growth Data
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Choosing the Best Institute Experience for Your Leaders

As an Elite Talent Partner, it is our goal to ensure your organization is getting the most out of our development programs. That means making informed decisions about placing your growing leaders in these experiences.

In addition to your organization’s existing methods for identifying talent for development, we recommend that you consider soliciting nominations from leaders, provide opportunities for employees to self-nominate, and maintain a pool of potential participants. As our partnership matures, consider also the value of channeling your Accelerate Institute™ graduates into our Elevate Institute™ when their career growth warrants. We are available to you year-round for help in selecting or placing candidates. Additionally, our Elite Talent Partners also get access to an exclusive tool for future participants to assess which Institute experience is the best fit for their current development needs.

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Empower Your Team with Exclusive Custom Programs

Customized development, aligned with your organization's unique needs and culture. Our dedicated team, ongoing consulting, and assessments enhance the partnership. Elevate leadership with FOCUS.

New + Future People Leaders

Designed to equip new and future people leaders with the tactical tools they will use on a daily basis
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Experienced Managers

High-level leadership development for experienced managers and senior leaders.
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