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“The content about leadership was fantastic and FOCUS did a great job bringing the content to life. But the real magic was sharing the experience with people that aren’t in your company or industry. Hearing other perspectives and insights helped me to examine my leadership effectiveness and challenged me to implement some fresh ideas with my team.”


“EVERY session is exactly what I need at the exact right time. I have 4-5 instances to put into practice every skill I’m learning. I’m not exaggerating. The tools are fantastic and I want to send everyone I know to the Institute.”


“I appreciated how I was immediately able to take a lesson from the Accelerate Institute™ and have an action item right away. It wasn’t that I was given ‘homework,’ it was that I felt that I could immediately apply what I learned to something that was going on at work.”

“We have been committed to utilizing the Accelerate and Elevate Institutes from FOCUS Training for years. These programs have consistently delivered outstanding growth that impacts new and experienced leaders. They provide a common experience and nomenclature for us to utilize as development continues back in the office.”

Tony Jace
CEO, Crisis Prevention Institute


“Albeit years ago, I recall every moment vividly. It was all positive for my career, but more importantly for my life trajectory. I still remember the feelings of confidence and excitement the FOCUS team, the participants, and the program provided.”


“This program is like no other. The value proposition is that you’re not hearing ‘textbook’ material, but are actually learning how to handle situations and are able to simulate. This allows you to practice how to execute while having a mentor providing well-intended constructive feedback.”


" This program provide invaluable leadership insight. As a participant you are really taking time to reflect on your areas of opportunity, you are provided with tools, resources and coaching to improve. But most importantly the built in accountability of working in a cohort, having the platform to discuss your progress really helps increase and drive immediate results of applying in your career."

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