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Whether you are a person aiming to move up in your career or part of a talent development team searching for a partner to offer smoothly connected training, we have you covered. For individuals, our programs are designed to empower your growth and help you succeed in your professional journey. If you are from a talent development department, we are the reliable partner you need for well-integrated programs that cater to the specific needs of your organization. Our all-encompassing approach ensures that everyone, whether an individual or an organization, is well-prepared to excel in the ever-changing professional world.


We partner with Talent Development and HR leaders to enhance your organization’s leadership pipeline. Organizations large and small can leverage our tools and expertise to retain talent, build a strong bench, and supplement existing talent development efforts.
  • – Let FOCUS build and run a fully customized leadership development ecosystem to support your leaders at every stage in their career
  • – Tap into our Institutes to develop leaders on-demand across geographies
  • – Engage FOCUS to deliver specific skill sets in a convenient workshop or series
  • – Integrate our expert trainers into an existing learning program


Business leaders outside of HR leverage FOCUS to grow the skills and capabilities of their teams. Prepare rising stars for their next role, bring a team together around a strategic change, or enrich professional relationships to make working together more effective.
  • – Offer access to the Institutes for developing leaders when your organization’s internal programs are not an option
  • – Partner with FOCUS to bring your team together in a powerful team building experience


Whether you are looking to climb the career ladder or enhance your leadership abilities, our programs offer a unique blend of practical insights and collaborative learning experiences. Delivered virtually and with cohorts offered year-round, the Institutes by FOCUS Training is a convenient and affordable solution to reaching the next step in your career.

Who We Are

For more than 30 years, we have taken pride in empowering organizations with transformative leadership development programs. Click the link below to learn more about FOCUS Training

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FOCUS Training is an interactive leadership development company that has been helping people achieve excellence through understanding and action since 1992.

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