One Tip to Build a Better Relationship with Your Manager

In today’s workplaces, effective communication and collaboration are paramount. Two recurring questions that stand out when we examine our experiences coaching individuals are, “How can I have a better working relationship with my manager?” and “How can I do a better job of managing up?” These two questions really get to the root of cultivating robust professional relationships with superiors, aiming to align priorities, clarify purposes, and comprehend preferences to foster better collaboration.

Navigating the intricacies of managing up can often seem daunting, with individuals grappling to strike the delicate balance between assertion and deference. However, amidst all the strategies and techniques, a simple yet powerful question emerges, “Can you help me understand?”

Rather than framing discussions as confrontational or adversarial, it extends an olive branch of curiosity and receptiveness. Professionals can pivot the dialogue towards collaboration and mutual understanding by positioning inquiries as requests for insight. By seeking clarification on the why and the purpose, this fosters transparency and cultivates a sense of shared purpose and alignment.

The question also serves as a conduit for understanding preferences and communication styles. Individuals can tailor their approach to how leaders receive information or navigate tasks, enhancing efficiency and efficacy. This personalized engagement not only facilitates smoother interactions but also fosters a deeper sense of rapport and trust.

Mastering the art of managing up entails more than just navigating organizational hierarchies; it embodies a holistic approach to fostering meaningful connections and driving collective success. By embracing the simplicity and power of “Can you help me understand?” individuals can embark on a journey towards building stronger, more effective professional relationships with their managers.

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