The role of group coaching in the Accelerate Institute™

Group coaching plays a significant role in the Accelerate Institute™ program, offering several benefits to participants:

Collaborative learning: Accelerate participants engage in group coaching sessions with a “home team” led by a course instructor. These sessions provide a collaborative environment where participants can learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives.

Skill reinforcement: The group coaching sessions, which last two hours, allow participants to reinforce and apply the skills and concepts learned during the main classes.

Ongoing support: In addition to the monthly classes, the program includes “Communities of Practice” sessions, which serve as a form of peer coaching to provide continued learning and support throughout the four-month program.

Practical application: Group coaching sessions focus on helping participants apply the tactical tools they have learned, such as motivating others, setting expectations, prioritization, time management, and delegation, in real-world scenarios.

Leadership development: As the Accelerate Institute™ is designed for new and future people leaders, group coaching sessions provide a platform for participants to develop and refine their leadership skills in a supportive environment.

Networking opportunities: These sessions allow participants to build professional relationships with peers from various organizations, expanding their professional network.

Personalized guidance: While in a group setting, these coaching sessions provide opportunities for participants to receive personalized advice and feedback on their specific leadership challenges.

The inclusion of group coaching in the Accelerate Institute™ program enhances the learning experience by providing a structured, collaborative environment for participants to practice and refine their leadership skills under expert guidance. 

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