Delegation for Results

Learn to when and how to effectively share responsibilities and tasks as a leader.

Leaders should be a “force-multiplier” in their organization, driving productivity in others. This makes delegating responsibility in an intentional and effective way a key leadership skill. In this module, learners will assess their own delegation style, learn to better recognize what should (and should not) be delegated, choose delegates with sound reasoning, and set others up for success when sharing responsibilities.

• Reflect on their own delegation effectiveness and identify improvement targets

• Learn to use the Delegation Decision Checklist to appropriately choose which tasks to delegate or keep

• Understand the four primary outcomes that drive the choice of to whom a task should be assigned

• Explore the various mental obstacles that prevent leaders from choosing to delegate and apply in their own management practice

• Learn the best practices of delegation and set goals for individual application on their teams

Accelerate, Elevate

Half Day

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