Prioritization & Time Management

Invest your scarce time where it creates the greatest value and protect your top priorities.

The demands on leaders’ time are intense. We juggle a wide range of roles, goals, responsibilities, and relationships to build a successful life – both personally and professionally. To handle these many commitments effectively, we must be able to invest our time with intention towards the things that are truly important. This module helps learners build a mindset of pragmatic time investment, and embrace de-selecting demands on time that distract from the most important. Using tools like the Task Priority Matrix, leaders will practice shifting more of their time into forward-thinking, developmental work and wasting less time on distraction and low-value tasks.

• Reflect on their current investments of time and desired changes

• Understand the critical difference between importance and urgency

• Learn to use the prioritization matrix to diagnose and organize tasks by true priority

• Evaluate their own planning techniques and set goals for consistent planning methodology

• Review the psychological drivers of procrastination that can be leveraged to drive accountability


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