Team Archetypes

Match your leadership style with the best team dynamic to deliver the results your need.

Teams, much like individuals, possess distinctive functional characteristics shaped by their organizational structure and decision-making processes. These collective traits play a pivotal role in determining the team’s effectiveness and the level of engagement exhibited by its members. This module serves as a resource for leaders familiarizing themselves with the eight distinct organizational archetypes. These archetypes offer leaders insights into comprehending and subsequently influencing their team’s working style. The archetypes shed light on various aspects, including group identity, power structure, motivational drivers, and the leadership demands incumbent upon the team. By understanding these archetypes, leaders can better navigate their team’s dynamics, ultimately enhancing overall performance and cohesion.

– Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the eight distinct organizational archetypes

– Develop the ability to analyze their own teams or teams they lead within the framework of these archetypes

– Equip leaders with practical knowledge on how to leverage their understanding of organizational archetypes


90 minutes, Half Day

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