Leading Through Change and Ambiguity

Navigate ambiguous and volatile environments, leading others through the challenges of change.

Significant change, such as a merger or career transition, introduces a complex set of reactions in those affected, from anxiety to outright resistance. Leaders must recognize that during such transitions, ambiguity is a key driver of these reactions, and leaders have great agency in helping to mitigate it. This module will focus on the functional tactics that learners can employ to effectively navigate the emotional and cultural challenges present in significant organizational change. Learners will use tools like the SARAH Change Curve for mitigating ambiguity-driven fear, diagnosing the response to change, and coaching others through the process.

• Diagnose the common fears associated with changes experienced in their work environment • Learn to differentiate between uncertainty and ambiguity

• Explore Ellsburg’s suggestion that ambiguity avoidance is a more significant concern in change situations

• Diagram a current or recent change on the SARAH Change Curve


Full Day

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