Managing Up

Build a strong relationship with leaders and learn to support them in leading more effectively.

Most leaders have good intentions towards the staff they support. They want to clear the path for successful work, unlock resources to support the team and help solve problems. However, there are a number of factors that can make it hard for a manager to effectively do these things. They may not have a strong relationship with staff, may lack visibility and understanding of the team’s situation, or may lack well-developed leadership skills. When a leader is struggling to provide you and your team with the support you need, practices of “managing up” may be beneficial. Managing up describes the efforts of an employee to help their manager to be more effective. This may involve bringing critical information to their attention, helping with prioritization of responsibilities, taking on tasks to help balance their workload, investing in building trust in their professional relationships, and more. In this module, we will explore the benefits, challenges, and best practices of managing up to help your leader, your team, and your career.

– Learn how to identify and overcome the challenges that hinder a manager’s ability to provide effective support

– Acquire practical strategies and tools for managing up successfully

– Explore how effective management techniques can lead to improved team performance, streamlined work processes, and career advancement opportunities


90 Minutes

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