Leveraging a Professional Network

Build, maintain, and leverage a strong professional network to learn, grow, and achieve goals.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, a well-managed professional network is not merely advantageous; it is often the linchpin of organizational growth and individual career advancement. Effective networking extends its benefits beyond the boundaries of the individual leader, permeating throughout the organization to enhance team synergy, foster innovation, and ultimately elevate overall productivity and engagement levels. This module equips learners with a proven process to construct, nurture, and harness the full potential of their professional network.

– Knowledge and skills to strategically construct and manage a professional network.

– Understand how to foster collaboration and synergy within their teams by utilizing their professional networks

– Discover how a well-managed professional network can be a catalyst for innovation

– Understand the role social media can play in supporting network development


90 Minutes, Half Day

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